Trump overtakes Biden as favorite to win in November

(Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump has overtaken Democratic opponent Joe Biden to stand while the favorite to secure the 2020 U.S. Presidential election on Europe-based betting exchange Betfair, the exchange stated on Wednesday. Trump’s odds, reflecting wagers matched on the peer-to-peer betting networking, stood for evens, Betfair Exchange mentioned, versus 21 20 for Biden. […]

Voting for your enemy in the US elections

US elections – On November 3, progressives won’t vote for an ally or even the lesser evil. They are going to have to vote for a recommended enemy. Us rapper Ice Cube has never shied from supplying blistering critiques of American racism and also the economic and political system which it has fostered. From seminal […]

Republicans paint dim snapshot of potential if Trump loses

Republicans offered dim warnings about America’s potential future if President Donald Trump fails to win a second term, opening their scaled-down national convention Monday night by casting the GOP as a protector of religious freedom, the nation’s workers and even more. A school teacher warned that traditional Christian values were under attack from labor unions. […]